Nzango Artist Residency

Based in Mozambique 🇲🇿


Cultural group from the district of Memba, in the town of Baixo Pinda

What ‘s this rhythm called?
The rhythm is called Marimba. The instrument is called Watana Marereni. The music played is Marimba music.
Where did you build the instrument?
Right here in the area.

Who built it?

Ourselves. We found the material in the area. Our songs talk about the lack of work. But it’s our fun here in the area.

Who composes the songs? Are they popular songs, or do you make them up?

We write the songs ourselves.
Do you have any songs that talk about the lack of rain, cyclone problems, or lack of materials?
Yes, we have songs that talk about strong winds and rain. The wood we use for the instrument is Umbila. It took us a month to build this instrument. The instruments are divided into solo, contra solo, and rhythm. Then there’s someone who plays the Cuashala (maracas). Cuashala is later in Portuguese, an instrument made from tin. Then there’s the drum made with a bidon. It gave us the beat.