Nzango Artist Residency

Based in Mozambique 🇲🇿

Rhythms to our Ancestors

“Rhythms to our Ancestors” is a collaborative project between artists from Mozambique and Switzerland in homage to the musical heritage passed down by their grandparents and expressed through European-Afro jazz fusion.
The tracks will be inspired by Timbila’s Chope musicality and the songs inherited by Matchume Zango from his master Venâncio Mbande, in tune with the Swiss musicality of pianist Jul Dillier influenced by jazz, minimalism/minimalist music, precisionlocking, interclocks, and his lyrics /songs are inspired by the poems of his grandfather, the poet Julian Dillier.
Matchume Zango and Jul Dillier first came into contact in South Africa in 2019, where they had the initiative to form the quartet Alpine Connection, a mix of traditional Mozambican music, jazz and Swiss folk music. In this new project, they continued their musical partnership, accompanied by Mozambican artists Nelton Miranda (bass) and Djibra Mussa (drums).
“Rhythms to our Ancestors” is a production by Nzango Artist Residency, included in the Confluences program, funded by Pro Helvetia Johannesburg, Swiss Foundation for Culture.

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