Nzango Artist Residency

Based in Mozambique 🇲🇿



VASIKATE: Afro-Atlantic trails is a musical exchange project led by Portuguese-speaking women who identify with the fusion of traditional African rhythms with modern Western instruments.
VASIKATE, whose meaning is woman in the Chope language, also brings to Mozambique the centrality of artistic creation and musical production by bringing together women Josyara (BR) and Lenna Bahule (2022), Karyna Gomes (GNB) and Bela Zango (2023) and Esperança Mirakiza (ANG) and Tinoca Zimba (2024). In each edition, an EP was recorded during an artistic residency at Nzango Artist Residency.
VASIKATE is a project created by Lais Volpe and Matchume Zango, produced by Associação Cultural Warethwa and Nzango Artist Residency, contemplated by PROCULTURA PALOP TL, financed by the European Union, co-financed and managed by Camões I.P and co-financed by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

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